Within the EFCT.com Website Control Panel, there is also a selection of Advanced Applications. They’re designed for cloud hosting customers who are proficient in taking care of their hosting setting. Having said that, due to the convenient–to–use user interface of the Website Control Panel, they are pretty easy to use, even for newcomers. Additionally, we have included a variety of comprehensive how–to guides that will help newbie clients instantly discover ways to utilize the software instruments!

Hotlink Protection

Protect yourself from traffic cyber–theft

When you make unique website content there’s always someone who will try to get hold of it without having your permission. It relates simultaneously to written text plus pictures. That’s where the Hotlink Protection tool built into our Website Control Panel will truly help you. With a click, you are going to safeguard all pics on your web site by blocking other websites from connecting to them.

Using this method, not only will you put a stop to other individuals from stealing your images, but you will at the same time ensure you stick to your monthly data traffic restriction.

Hotlink Protection

.htaccess generator

Auto generation of .htaccess files

At EFCT.com, you’ll get full access to the .htaccess file of your respective website, and that means you could make as much changes as you would like. Incorporating just one or two lines in the configuration file, you’ll be able to reroute your website to a different website url, or arrange password defense for a determined folder, and so on.

When using the potent .htaccess Generator within the Website Control Panel, you don’t need to possess any knowledge about .htaccess files. Simply show the tool what you would like to carry out as well as for exactly which website, and after that click the Save button. EFCT.com’s intelligent platform will produce the .htaccess file to best suit your specific needs within seconds.

.htaccess Generator

IP blocking

Block out malicious IP addresses from accessing your web site

Should you have top–ranked website, eventually you become a target to spammers and destructive website visitors. It is possible to protect all your websites from these types of behavior through the IP blocking instrument incorporated into EFCT.com’s Website Control Panel. The tool will allow you to successfully block an IP address or a full array of IP addresses with only a mouse–click.

Put together with the precise web stats as well as our GeoIP redirection instruments, the IP Blocking tool will help you to effectively handle the ability to access your site.

IP Blocking

PHP configuration

Switch the PHP settings for your personal web site

In the event the application you are using requires a specific PHP build, or, if you have to make any PHP tweaks, it’s easy to achieve this within the EFCT.com Website Control Panel. You can alter the PHP release with only a click of your computer mouse, choosing from previous PHP variants to the secure PHP release. Also, you can easily alter the most critical controls inside the php.ini file, or create a complete change of how your PHP version runs.

You do not need to wait patiently for many hours or reboot anything at all for your alterations to work. The whole set of modifications are applied live as soon as you save them.

PHP Configuration

Cron Jobs

Generate automatic scheduled tasks

If there’s something your site or app will need to execute each day, you can easily automate it by means of a cron job. Cron jobs assist you to set up planned duties, that may be carried through at selected time intervals. You can make cron jobs to e–mail you the reputation of one’s web site every single day or even to remove non–permanent files once a week so as to free disk space with your web hosting account.

Every single cloud hosting plan is bundled with a various number of cron jobs. Further cron jobs can be obtained any time from the Website Control Panel.

Cron jobs

Password Protection

Simple way to secure all your data files

Password protection is an approach to secure your website using a password making sure that just certain people have access to it. As an example, you might need username and password protection if you’re in the process of designing your site and do not wish search engines or others to view it prior to it being completely ready or when you’d like to generate a personal directory within your site with approved access.The Password Protection tool bundled up at the EFCT.com Website Control Panel will let you achieve this with a couple of clicks. You’re going to be the only person to know the username and password needed to sign in unless you share them with another person.

The password are going to be saved in a protected format, so nobody is able to view it or check it out. Only you, as the site owner will be allowed to alter it.

Password Protection

URL redirection

URL redirection with a couple of clicks

If at any time you have to direct your web site to another URL, it can be done speedily while using the URL Redirection tool bundled inside the EFCT.com Website Control Panel. You will not have to create a special .htaccess file and manage advanced lines of code. Everything you should perform is select which website to divert and where you wish it to point to. Our clever system will handle everything for you.

And, in case you no longer need the website redirection that you have specified, you can easily stop it with only a mouse–click.

URL Redirection